SAT NinjaWho is the SAT Ninja? 


That’s me.  I’m a Harvard graduate and engineer who scored in the top 99-percentile on the Sat Reasoning Test.  But standardized test-taking has not always come easily to me… 


While in high school I spent many laborious months taking SAT prep courses and private tutoring sessions with minimal improvement on my scores.  While I was a decent student in my classes, I wasn’t getting the scores that I wanted.  When I would vent my frustration, my guidance counselors and teachers would simply tell me, “Well, some people just aren’t good at taking standardized tests.”  While other students would be satisfied with this answer, I refused to accept this explanation. 


Finally I sat down by myself to figure out the test.  I realized that my SAT instructors had over looked some of the most important patterns of the test (only later did I realize that many instructors from the “top” test prep companies in the industry were poorly trained and did not actually achieve high scores on their own SATs).  Based on my discoveries, I devised my own methods and strategies for taking the SAT and finally achieved the scores that I always wanted!  It made all the difference.  I was able to open the door to numerous schools that had otherwise been out of reach with my abysmal scores.  Had I given up or been complacent with simply accepting my academic fate, I wouldn’t have experienced many of the successes in life that I enjoy today.


With my new found knowledge, I ran my own private SAT prep and tutoring company while in college and continued to do so for several years.  I have since moved on to other career pursuits, but I have always been a proponent of the free distribution of knowledge to those who seek it, and have decided to offer my knowledge here for free.  Even while running my own private company, I would volunteer my services to those from lesser socio-economic backgrounds.  Further, with the recent proliferation of private test prep services, I began to witness the unfair advantage that those who are able to afford the exorbitant prices for these services have over the less fortunate.  More recently I’ve been inspired by the developments of the Open Source software movement and have adopted its spirit in offering my knowledge for free.


I hope that you can learn from my knowledge that offer here and achieve your own academic goals!  Enjoy.


– SAT Ninja



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